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At Gettysburg in 1863, 3 days changed history. Imagine what 3 days in Gettysburg can do for your business.

BattleReady Leadership summits provide one of the most unique and inspiring atmospheres for galvanizing your team's efforts. Leadership lessons during the battlefield tour are long lasting. But our time together off the battlefield is equally rewarding.

Your War Council in Gettysburg

SWOT Analysis

Strengths - Weaknesses - Opportunities - Threats


This energetic exercise helps you identify key issues facing your business and develops a strategy to address them successfully. We'll draw feedback from your team in an environment that inspires them to provide input they may not otherwise offer.

But unlike many SWOT exercises, we don't stop there. Our session is all about taking action, and we won't leave Gettysburg without a clear action plan for your group. Responsibility, accountability and taking action were all characteristics of great leaders at Gettysburg - and your team will demand nothing less of themselves and their colleagues.

Previous efforts have uncovered opportunities for growth, new investment and even succession planning.

Brand Update and Analysis


Together we'll develop a brand strategy for your business. A brand pyramid exercise will help crystalize unique strengths, positioning and key words that will help you establish a distinctive and identifiable brand in your market. Every member of your team will have the necessary tools to communicate your value proposition in any situation. The result will be a concise and consistent communication of your message to both internal and external audiences. This is an excellent opportunity for your team to take ownership in your brand identity.

Marketing Counsel


Knowing where to begin the process of having an integrated marketing program in place begins with a focus. And having that focus requires proper planning, collaboration and allocation of resources. Lay the foundation for a marketing program with feedback and guidance from a 30-year marketing veteran. We'll customize a program based on your unique goals and market challenges. Whether it's a social media workshop or discussion on targeting the right prospects, you'll have the information you need to attack your key sales and marketing objectives.

Sales and Strategic Plan Development


Sometimes it just takes the right setting and state of mind to pull your team together for developing a unified plan of action. Outstanding talent is often required to set and achieve individual goals. We'll help you pull the collective genius of your enterprise and set the stage for organizational goal setting and planning.

Customized Workshops


If your organization has a specific initiative or objective that you are looking to develop a strategy for - we'll work with you to customize a program that takes full advantage of the sessions on and off the battlefield.

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“The format by which we stopped and discussed key battles and the decisions that were made at each spot and then related them to real life examples in business was great. It’s difficult to imagine a better way to impart important concepts of leadership.

Battlefield tour participant

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