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Lessons from Gettysburg

On the Battlefield

Want to schedule your corporate leadership training?

On the battlefields of Gettysburg, PA
At your office
At an off-site location

Podcast Appearances

"Do you wonder what history has to teach us about leadership? Have you heard about the Gettysburg battle during the Civil War, but want to know more? Have you ever wondered about the role of leadership during the Civil War and Gettysburg? Do you want more tangible leadership tools for the 21st Century? Our special guest Jack Carroll will answer all of these questions and more, and he’s here to remind us that history is not only more than memorized dates and facts, but it’s a rich source of leadership lessons to lead with today."

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"My guest Jack Carroll is a Leadership Trainer at Battle Ready Leadership. In this show we are focused on celebrating Women's History Month (March 2021) by talking about the amazing role of women during the Civil War. I hope you enjoy Jack's perspective as we travel back in time!"

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